Shaping Our World

The caliber and broad range of our student's education provides them with the knowledge and the skills needed to choose the path that is appropriate for each individual student. Whether they choose to be torah or secular educators or professionals, we are very proud to know that our graduates will be enlightening the world we live in through Torah.


The Rebbeim at Yeshiva Gedolah are all recognized Torah scholars and experienced educators. We have structured our staff to combine both Rebbeim who have taught here for many years as well as more recently added Rebbeim in order to have a blend of Torah inspiration and learning. They are all talented teachers who do not merely teach, but serve as examples to be emulated. Extremely dedicated, they work with students on an individual basis, providing the advice, friendship, and guidance critical in shaping each student’s future. The results are obvious – our graduates are accepted into the most prestigious yeshivas both in the United States and in Eretz Yisroel.

High School Program

We offer a complete Limudei Kodesh Program which includes the following subjects:

  • Gemorah Biiun
  • Gemorah Bikiyus
  • Halachah
  • Chumash

With emphasis on:

  • Mussar
  • Midos Tovos
  • Yiras Shamayim

Our Limudei Kodesh Program includes Chavrusah Learning at Night Seder.

The highlight of our Limudei Kodesh Program is our Annual Siyum held in June. Our students are awarded prizes for their accomplishments.

Beis Medrash Program

Our Beis Medrash Program is led by Rabbi Aron Tzvi Gross and Rabbi Aron Gettinger. The Program begins in the 12th grade, and then continues for an additional year of learning. In addition to the Hasmada and learning demonstrated by the Talmidim, the Beis Medrash is a positive influence on the younger students. We are very proud of the superior level of our Beis Medrash Program.


Our Secular Program is led by Rabbi Shmuel Baruch Manne, Principal. We are fully accredited by WASC– the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Our Secular Program is divided into 45-minute periods. The curriculum comprises the following subjects:

English - including Literature, Writing, Grammar and Composition
Social Studies and History - including Jewish and World History; U.S. History; Government; & Economics
Sciences – Biology, Physics, and Chemistry
Math – Algebra, Business Math, Geometry, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.
Language – Hebrew
Physical Education

In addition to the Yeshiva’s required classes for graduation, our curriculum includes the course of study from the State of California. We also offer additional classes and a diploma for those students who are University-bound.